It was in 1989 that Donna Karan lent her initials to the DKNY brand. Based in New York, she draws her energy, her rhythm, her freedom, illustrated by a Sport Chic wardrobe with clean lines and ultra-comfortable technical materials, punctuated by games of logos and black and white awakened in pep colors. The DKNY Summer 2022 collection includes 240 ready-to-wear, accessories and shoe references, including 21% in organic cotton and 68 models in baby colors, available in 2 and 3 year olds. The 2 girl themes and 2 boy themes make up urban silhouettes, both trendy and relaxed; they are supported by mini-me pieces borrowed from adults, pieces decorated with mini or maxi logos on T-shirts and a windbreaker, and with the identity "State of Mind" message in a vintage College spirit that the found on T-shirts and dresses.
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